Bruce G, Biomagnetism: For about three months, I had severe pains in my knees, and was unable to live a normal life without anti-inflammatories every morning. If I forgot to take the pills the pain came back within the day. I went to Holly’s for my first session of bio-magnetism. Much to my surprise, the next day I had no pain at all, without taking the pills! I also felt there was no reason to favor my knees, as one would normally, to prevent a relapse. I felt as if my knees were those of a nineteen year old…I am 66. I strained my arms a few weeks later, carrying suitcases up 5 flights of stairs, and went back to Holly’s for a second treatment. The joints in my arms took about two days to recuperate, instead of just over night as was the case with my knees. But another odd side effect! I had had a huge wart on my finger that I had been meaning (for three years!) to have burned off….Lo and behold, the next day after my treatment for the joint pain in my arms, no more wart! I asked Holly how that was possible, and she said she had seen the signs of a virus, and treated it, and as warts are caused by viruses, my wart disappeared! I am a faithful patient as a result.

Annie S, Biomagnetism: I underwent a course of treatments with Holly (2012). I went to see her after having been on medication for several years to control epilepsy. Following the treatment, I no longer needed aforesaid treatment. I have not suffered an epileptic seizure since. Previously if I neglected my medication for more than 24 hours, I invariably would suffer a seizure. I find Holly’s manner reassuring and extremely professional. I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending her treatments.