There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle. You can live as if everything is a miracle.”

-Albert Einstein

During the 1960’s a chiropractor, Dr. Goodheart, demonstrated that there were in fact connections between the muscles, organs, meridians and their acupuncture paths. He began by combining energetic medicine and Chinese acupuncture theory with other western discoveries involving muscle testing and touch reflexes. He discovered that there was a connection not just between organs and meridians, but also between muscles meridians and major organs. This opened the door for another chiropractor, Dr. John Thie and it was he who put together a new method called “Touch for Health.” He wanted to offer a way for families to be able to bring physical, emotional, and energetic balance into their home through simple physical technics. With this goal in mind, in 1977, he published a manual called “Touch for Health” which his son Mathew and many others continue to teach worldwide to this day.

Touch for Health kinesiology is now amongst one of the most widespread methods used for the regularization of stress and vitality. It is now taught in over 60 countries.

Dr. Thie put in place the notion of the interrelationship between the different body systems. He discovered that stress could imbalance one of these systems that then could consequently imbalance other systems. He also discovered that the resolution of a problem in one system could resolve that in another system be it structural, vascular, lymphatic, chemical or energetic.

Through different muscle maneuvers used as biofeedback, specific muscles are isolated and when tested can show a weakness in one of the bodies functions. In short it helps to assess the body’s energy system. The goal through different gentle techniques is to bring balance, promote healing, wellbeing and vitality through working with the body’s own inherent healing capabilities and processes.

This method balances holistically using massage and reflex points on the lymphatic system, energy meridian system, and neurovascular system. It plays a helpful role in reducing stress and apprehension, and increases the effectiveness of medical care. It essentially permits one to discover the areas of vital energy blockages as well as offers a way to help rebalance and promote a holistic healing.

Those who study Touch for Health, learn to understand their body better as well as what circumstances can bring disequilibrium. They can learn simple technics to support their health and personal growth. In this way, Touch for Health can work as a preventative while addressing the structural, nutritional and emotional stresses common in everyday life.

Many methods of kinesiology have grown from the original seeds that Dr. John Thie and Dr. Goodheart planted. There is Brain Gym that teaches exercises and movements while integrating different aspects of Touch for Health, to coordinate the different centers of the brain to help bring focus, and restore physical balance. It is wonderful for children to help they scholastically.

PKP touches every aspect of a person, mind, body, spirit and emotion. They discovered a language of symbols and hand movements that they realized after (re)discovering them, date back thousands of years and can be seen in Indian statues such as the Kama Sutra as well as in paintings of Christ._DSC00431955

Jean-Claud & Rabia Guyard EKMA

Epigenitics and PPA extend tothe deeperconnections of life experiences and the emotional consequences that can interrupt the natural flow and rhythm of the human organism. And Three in One Concepts teaches many fabulous protocols that are gently non-invasive and often emotionally cleansing. Arkagym is a simple but profound method to work with the normalization of energetic imbalances that could date from conception through birth and early childhood development.

There are many methods. A good practitioner is totally neutral and will allow through muscle testing biofeedback, the miracle of the body’s energies and guiding spirit to lead him or her to the tools that is intrinsically called for. It is a miraculous, non-invasive method to bring about wellbeing.